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Our Zen Habitats newsletter is a go-to resource for reptile lovers! You'll find the latest news on reptile husbandry, interviews and videos with experts and longtime owners, products from Zen Habitats, and more. Our newsletters are published twice a month so keep coming back or subscribe!

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Issue 18: March 16, 2021- Zen Expert Spotlight: Em Lock talks Tokays, our new Animal Care Manager, Design Your Dream Setup, videos to view and more!

Issue 17: March 2, 2021 Spotlight on Tyler Rugge, Zen Habitat enclosures featured at nonprofit event, and more!

Issue 16: February 16, 2021

Design Your Dream Enclosure, New Cabinet Stands, Expert Spotlight: Dav Kaufman and More!

Issue 15: February 2, 2021  - Spotlight on Dan Rowe - Young reptile owner to society president, latest Concept to Reality video, and More!

Issue 14: January 19, 2021 - Spotlight on Mariah Healey, Zen Habitats Caves, and More!

Issue 13: January 5, 2021 -An Interview with Tricia Koczor, Zen Habitats featured in Reptiles Magazine, and Panther Chameleons.

Issue 12: December 22, 2020 -Rescue Turtle Moves to New Zen Enclosure, Picky Pets and More!

Issue 11: December 8, 2020 -Substrates and Going Bioactive!

Issue 10: November 24, 2020 -Magnetic Ledges from Zen Habitats

Issue 9: November 10, 2020 -Spray Foam Backgrounds from Zen Habitats!

Issue 8: October 27, 2020 -The Biggest Zen Collection We've Seen!

Issue 7: October 14, 2020 -Brumation: What is it?

Issue 6: September 29, 2020 -Things to Think About as Temps Drop

Issue 5: September 15, 2020 -Reptile Enrichment & Mega Stacks from Zen Habitats

Issue 4: September 1, 2020 -Lighting & Heating

Issue 3: August 18, 2020 -Accessories, Decor, & Setup Inspiration from Zen Habitats

Issue 2: August 4, 2020 -Meet Chip & Eddie, Zen's new mascots!

Issue 1: July 21, 2020 -Hedgehogs, Wood vs. PVC & More!


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