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Expert Websites

We've developed this list of some of the most reliable websites from reptile experts. While there are many sources out there, some don't provide the best and most accurate information. We want to be sure and offer information that helps you have a happy and healthy pet! From animal husbandry tips, to species-specific information, to reptile tips for beginners, we hope that you find this information useful! 

And if there's anything you would like to read more about, please contact us with your suggestions!


  • Reptiles Magazine is a leading source of information about reptiles, news that impacts reptiles, species-specific articles, breeding, and more. 
  • ReptiFiles is home to great insight on reptile pet care! Reptile educator, Mariah Healey focuses on reptile husbandry and common reptile pets. She dives into factual, evidence-based research to provide you the care instructions you need!
  • is home to specific information for all you Beardie owners. The website claims to be the “Ultimate Bearded Dragon Resource” and we could not agree more!


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